Working in the Cloud

Today, the scope of the proverbial Cloud extends from software to computing and from storage to security. And the possibilities of doing businesses on the desired scale but at a substantially lower total cost of ownership are no longer options, but the need of the hour.

Cloud Computing offers myriad business opportunities not only for large multi-product, multi-functional organizations, but also to the not so large and SMB firms. Working on the cloud has distinct advantages that any business could leverage upon, re-create its IT strategies, innovate, and transform the existing business processes into a very cost effective business model backed by the speed and agility of what the ubiquitous Internet can offer.

If you are planning to build, sell or purchase applications or services that could be defined as a cloud service, or if you happen to be a Cloud/IT end user or if you are looking to switch to the ubiquitous Cloud, then this event is a MUST ATTEND.

Key Areas of Discussion (but not limited to)...

  • Trends, Directions and Innovations in IT Operations Software
  • Cloud IoT connectivity
  • Achieving agility and scalability in all enterprise applications with Cloud
  • Securing the cloud in a highly complex digital marketplace
  • Big Data Cloud Analytics
  • Cloud computing enhancements, Integration, Security & QoS, Computing Standards
  • Technological trends including Cloud Data Warehouse, Mobile Cloud Computing etc.
  • Architecting for 24/7 Availability
  • Best Practices for Organizing and Staffing IT Infrastructure Operations
  • Trends, Directions and Innovations in IT Operations Software
  • Migrating and managing in a virtualized environment
  • Futuristic cloud applications and engineering solutions as part of the new cloud world
  • Storage and client hosted virtualization, Resource sharing etc.
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Cloud Threat Intelligence