Enterprise Data Center

The Enterprise Data Center module will try to seek critical business information on how to optimize investments in datacenter facilities through innovative trends in design, energy efficient models and improved processes etc.

This module will attempt to unravel critical challenges, allow participants a ring-side view of global trends, best practices and case studies. The conference will also showcase contemporary technologies and processes presented by global leaders and bring together various communities involved in the research, development, and use of data center technologies and processes. This meeting will play a catalytic role of getting global technology leaders and users from across a wide spectrum of Indian industries together on the same platform...thus making up for effective business matching.

Key Areas of Discussion (but not limited to)...

  • Greening the Enterprise and maximizing of ROI
  • Power and cooling efficiencies, and enterprise security in a networked environment
  • Data center design & process innovations
  • Green and multi-zone security embedded datacenters
  • Certain and uncertain future of server technology
  • Server consolidation and other major data center challenges
  • Benchmarking disaster recovery readiness
  • Asset optimization and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Disaster recovery testing best practices
  • Change Management: Attaining agility while balancing compliance and standards
  • Establishing, enforcing and marketing SLAs
  • Capacity Management and Performance Computing
  • Management & operational strategies
  • Multi Tier Data center infrastructure