• Business, Physical & IT challenges for the BFSI segments amidst the current global crisis - Immediate and long term
  • Technology powered Insurance industry in this new landscape
  • Security & risk challenges in digital payments and fintech
  • Operational Risk & Regulatory Assessment, Fraud Risk Management
  • Enhanced Cyber-crime and Security Threats – combating this age old unseen enemy
  • Consumer Protection and Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Revised Security Standards, Regulatory Compliance, and Best Practices
  • Re-defining Business Continuity & Planning goals and objectives in a Covid-19 situation, and thereafter
  • Disaster Recovery strategies including Remote Operations for BFSI organizations
  • Data Governance, Protection, and Management and governance
  • Agility Building to foster greater collaboration, enhanced resilience and growth
  • Increased Adoption of Disruptive Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and advancements in IOT and other remote capability technologies and processes to aid BFSI organizations to delegate crucial business tasks to such systems for enhanced efficiencies and quicker turnaround time.
  • Work From Home concept, technologies, and processes needed in medium to large organizations to effectively manage Work From Home for a majority of roles and functions – for near uninterrupted work


Even as this note is being written, the world has lost more than 2.70 lac lives, and millions are infected by Coronavirus – one of the most crippling pandemics to strike humanity, and which has got the entire global economy to a crashing halt and questioned our very existence.

Today, the pandemic poses untold threats to businesses and livelihoods – never witnessed in the past 100 years or so. Just about every segment has been impacted. However, in the wake of all these terrible setbacks, the Indian BFSI industry has displayed extra ordinary grit, and sense of purpose in providing almost uninterrupted services to mankind. The Banking and Financial Services, including Fintech and Payments segments have carrying on their inexorable march to offer highly secure Digital Banking and Financial Services across all types of customers, including the government.

From an administrative perspective, Work From Home concept is now an indelible part of the working style and routine, which however poses a whole host of difficult challenges especially for Physical and IT Security personnel, Business Continuity experts, Datacentre and Cloud professionals, Hardware and Website maintenance teams, BPO and outsourcing teams, and other mission critical departmental personnel who monitor machinery, equipment, IT hardware and software, and just about anything else that requires 24X7X365 monitoring, trouble-shooting, supervision and reporting.

Welcome to Secure BFSI – 2020 and beyond. The theme of this significant virtual conference is aptly titled “Securing the enterprise in a new normal”

This virtual forum will hopefully ignite interesting debates on a variety of compelling BFSI security issues, in the wake of such a highly volatile domestic and global situation. Senior security evangelists and IT and business experts in the form of presenters and panellists will take stock of the current and future scenarios, understand the myriad business and technology challenges, as also trigger debates on what it takes to re-build a robust and sustainable blueprint to thrive in this new normal.

Who Should Register

  • CIOs/CISOs/CTOs/Heads of IT, IS
  • Chief Investment Officers and Chief Risk Officers of Insurance Cos
  • Risk, Audit & Vigilance, Actuaries, Payment Heads
  • Infrastructure & Technology/Systems Decision Makers
  • Datacentre and Cloud specialists
  • Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Professionals
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Personnel
  • Internet & Digital Business Heads of Banks, Insurance & Fintech Cos
  • Senior Practice Leaders From Leading Technoloy Solution Companies